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Runic Oracle

At major turning points in our lives, we often benefit from advice to encourage us, warn of possible pitfalls, and show us the way of good fortune. Some people say that the world is so mysterious, that when something very important is happening for us, everything around us speaks about it, if only we could hear. We can even open any book at random and receive the advice we need from wherever our eye falls.

But isn't it better to use a vehicle especially designed for this purpose, one which has been used for divination for many centuries? Through divination, the will of the Divine, or perhaps something deeply hidden inside us, speaks the truth which we need to hear at the time.

This program has been carefully devised to make it conform with traditional Runic Divination. The Runic Oracle has been used successfully for many years, and has consistently worked well. The important point to remember when using it is that, somehow, it is deeply connected with our inner selves. If you approach the Oracle seriously and sincerely, its advice will be revealing. If you treat it like a joke, you'll get a joke response.

Please note that in the Three Runes spread, if you stop your cursor over a picture of a rune, the spread will give you a hint of The Past, The Present and The Future.

Download Runic Oracle (ZIP 487K)